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For Hearing Healthcare Providers

​We are always looking to strengthen our current 3,850 provider membership, as we maintain the nation's largest network of hearing healthcare professionals.

Our selective credentialing process ensures that our network consists of quality providers that meet or exceed our patient care and satisfaction standards, while maintaining the highest referral to clinic ratio.

Provider Benefits

The following are just a few of the many benefits that Amplifon Hearing Health Care offers to our network members.

  • Patients to your Clinics. With prominent healthcare benefit providers utilizing Amplifon, we have the ability to direct thousands of patients to our network clinics each year. We facilitate comprehensive audiologic services and hearing benefits to more than 175 million contracted people.

  • ​Referrals are free. Advertising costs are high to get new patients through the door. Amplifon provides quality referrals at no cost to you. We negotiate and secure managed healthcare contracts on behalf of our provider network.

  • No cost of goods to your practice. All hearing aids are ordered through Amplifon bill-to account numbers and shipped directly to your office.

  • Highest provider reimbursement. We realize that without quality providers, our program could not exist. By offering our providers greater compensation, it has allowed us to maintain and grow our network.

  • Membership is free.