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Hearing Aid Technology

Amplifon Hearing Health Care is a division of Amplifon SpA, the largest distributor of hearing aids and hearing services in the world. We are able to leverage our buying power to obtain the greatest discount on hearing aids.

The biggest challenge in creating a successful hearing healthcare program is balancing patient choice with product quality and cost. Our philosophy is to partner with leading manufacturers to offer over 2,000 models of hearing aids from:


This table compares the five different sizes and styles of hearing aids currently available. Your audiologist will assist you in determining which device is appropriate for you. Some consideration will be made due to dexterity and vision for purposes of changing the battery and routine cleaning.​​​​​​

Hearing Aids
NameWho is it right for?ProsCons
Traditional Behind-The-Ear (BTE)People who have all types of hearing lossAddress the broadest range of hearing loss

Most durable

May be easier to clean and maintain

Size 13 or size 675 battery (longer battery life)
May be visible depending on hair style

Some people don't like this model when they wear eye glasses
Open Fit Miniature BTEHigh frequency hearing loss, mild to moderately-severe hearing lossOpen fit allows natural sound to enter the ear

Variety of colors and styles

Fully automatic digital hearing aid
May not be appropriate for more severe hearing loss

May be visible depending on hair style
In-The-Ear (ITE)People with mild to severe hearing lossFit comfortably and securely within the ear

No external wires or components, all one piece
Not recommended for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss
In-The-Canal (ITC)People with mild to moderately-severe hearing lossLess visible than In-The-Ear hearing aids

Small and lightweight
ITC's are not recommended for people with:

Severe-to-profound hearing loss

Problems with finger or hand dexterity that make manipulating small controls difficult

May encounter feedback (whistling) issues with more severe hearing loss
Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC)People with mild to moderately-severe hearing lossThe least visible of all the styles of hearing aids

Very small and lightweight
Short battery life

Certain patients cannot wear them because of the shape of their ear

May encounter more repairs due to wax clogging the hearing aid

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