Better Hearing and Speech Month 2022

Last update on Apr, 29, 2022

Connecting with family, friends, coworkers and others has never been more important, especially after lengthy pandemic-induced isolation. How appropriate, then, that the theme for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2022 is “Connecting People", highlighting the role hearing care providers play to reconnect people to the world around them and all the joys of hearing life to the fullest.

Observed during May, Better Hearing and Speech Month presents a golden opportunity for your health insurance organization to share important facts about hearing health and resources with health plan members, including the impact of hearing loss on overall health and the advantages of early intervention.

It’s also an ideal time to evaluate your hearing benefit. How well does it meet the needs of health plan members? Does it enable them to effectively, affordably and conveniently address their hearing loss? For your health plan, does the hearing benefit deliver the highest possible return on investment (ROI) and a competitive advantage, especially in a crowded Medicare Advantage marketplace?

Following is a list of suggested attributes to use when gauging a prospective hearing health care partner and its hearing benefit:

  • Ownership — independently owned and operated, not tied to any manufacturer
  • Product choice — access to all major brands of hearing aids, ensuring a precise fit to each member’s needs and preferences
  • Pricing — substantial discounts on hearing aids, plus transparent pricing that includes essential items such as aftercare, product warranty and batteries or charger
  • Convenience — hearing health care services close to home, thanks to an extensive network of provider locations from coast to coast
  • Quality care — a strong commitment to ongoing provider education, standardized clinical protocols, medical necessity reviews and utilization management
  • Accreditation — from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the credentialing and recredentialing of hearing health care providers
  • Member experience — a strong commitment to obtaining member feedback via national recognized survey tool (e.g. CG-CAHPS) and use it to make continuous improvements
  • Administration — able to satisfy all administrative and management needs, removing a significant burden from the health plan

This year you can make Better Hearing and Speech Month a turning point for your members — guiding them to greater connectivity with other people, as well as enhanced overall health. With the right hearing benefit, you’ll also support the ability of your health plan to attract and retain members. At Amplifon Hearing Health Care, we’re ready to help you meet each of these important objectives.

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