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1 in 9 Americans experience hearing loss. Our Patient Care Advocates can help you navigate insurance coverage and schedule a screening appointment.

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The good news is, new advances in technology mean almost all hearing loss is treatable – often with discrete hearing aids that may cost less than you'd think. For more than 25 years, Amplifon Hearing Health Care has been helping to make better hearing affordable. Your hearing exam may be free or covered in part by your insurance plan. 

How to check your hearing

The first step to reconnecting with those you love is by checking your hearing. With the rise of telehealth, there are now more options to evaluate hearing than ever, including:

Online hearing quiz

This quick online quiz checks to see how well you can hear in different scenarios. 

Virtual hearing screening

Have a smartphone, headphones, and a quiet environment? You can check your hearing from the comfort of your home. A remote hearing care advocate will guide you through the assessment. If hearing loss is indicated, they will help you schedule a follow-up appointment at a hearing care clinic near you. 

In-person professional hearing exam

Professional hearing evaluations take place at a hearing care clinic. A hearing care provider will work with you to complete an in-depth evaluation of your hearing and propose solutions if hearing loss is indicated.
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