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At Amplifon, we help you understand if you have health insurance plan coverage for hearing care and hearing aids.

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Are you curious what insurance covers hearing aids?

Are you unsure even if you have hearing aid coverage included in your health insurance? Or worried you'll have to pay out-of-pocket or get stuck with hearing aids that don’t work for your needs?


Amplifon hearing care advocates make it easy to get the answers to these questions so you feel informed and empowered to take the next step in your hearing health journey. The best part? You don't need to leave the comfort of your home to understand what costs your hearing insurance covers. 

* Based on Amplifon Hearing Health Care average member savings data for 2020. Pricing valid only at participating, in-network locations. 
* Based on Amplifon Hearing Health Care average member savings data for 2020. Pricing valid only at participating, in-network locations. 

How Our Hearing Benefits Tool Works

Once you submit your information, an Amplifon patient care advocate will contact you with a few follow-up questions. Next, they will review and verify your hearing benefit and provide guidance and support for your journey ahead! 

This is your time to ask questions to ensure you fully understand your benefits.


*Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.

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Good News! Now, What?

Once we can confirm coverage and walk you through your options, we can connect you with a hearing care provider in your neighborhood for a professional hearing evaluation. 

Did you know that Amplifon offers over 6,000 in-network clinic nationwide locations? That means no matter where you live, you'll receive the same quality support, care and price on hearing aids when you choose one of our providers.

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You do not have hearing insurance

What's Your Next Move?

We want every individual, regardless of age and circumstance, to have access to professional hearing health care. If your insurance carrier doesn't offer a hearing benefit or you're facing major out-of-pocket expenses for hearing aids, we have a solution.

We offer an average of 68% off MSRP* on hearing aids and flexible financing options to help you get the hearing aids you need to reclaim your favorite sounds and fit your lifestyle. 

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Why Check Your Hearing Benefit and Take Action Now vs. Later?

Did you know that, on average, people wait up to 7 years to see a hearing care provider, even though they're experiencing early signs of hearing loss?

Like dental or vision checks, routine hearing exams are key to helping you identify hearing changes early so that you can treat hearing loss and prevent further damage. The longer you prolong care, the worse your symptoms will be, impacting your career, lifestyle and relationships with others.

Taking a proactive approach to your hearing health and including it in your preventive care plan will help you prioritize your overall health.


Our advocates are always happy to answer any questions you have on your call, but we wanted to share a few commonly asked questions so you can take the next step in your hearing health when you're ready.

What type of information will I need?

Be sure to have your health insurance and any secondary benefit plan information (i.e., union benefits, dental benefits, etc.) available and ready to share during your call.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

Although Original Medicare and most Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance plans do not cover hearing aids or exams for fitting hearing aids, a growing number of Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans do offer a hearing benefit. 

However, some of these benefits may come with certain restrictions you'll need to be aware of. For more information on this question, read our helpful article and interview with Amplifon's Chief of Audiology, Dr. Thomas J. Tedeschi. 


What insurance covers hearing aids?

Whether you receive your insurance from Medicare Advantage, a union group, a commercial insurance provider, or an employer that self-funds your benefits, it's hard to know whether you have a hearing benefit and, if so, what it entails.

The best solution is to check for hearing aid insurance using our benefits tool. For more information on insurance and hearing aid coverage, read our interview with Amplifon's in-house audiologist with 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Carrie Meyer.

Does the VA cover hearing aids?

The Veterans Administration (VA) does provide health care services for eligible veterans with hearing loss, including free hearing aids. However, certain qualifications and requirements must be met first, including having a service-connected disability rating for hearing loss.

For an in-depth discussion on hearing aids for veterans, please read our helpful guide.


Can I get free hearing aids?

Depending on your income, health plan provider or the state you live in, you may qualify for free or low-cost hearing aids. To understand which organizations can help connect you to free hearing devices, check out this resource on free hearing aids in the United States.

Get Help Navigating Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage

For nearly 30 years, Amplifon has earned the trust of millions of members. We know hearing health care inside and out, and people all over the country know they can count on us to help them make sense of their hearing benefits and find local, quality care when they need it most.

Questions? Reach out to us directly at 844-267-5436.


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Unsure if you have hearing loss?

It can be difficult to know if you have hearing loss. Often loss happens gradually and can take years before you may notice you're not hearing like you used to. We'd like to encourage you not to wait because the health benefits of staying connected to the world and people around you is so important. Take our free online hearing quiz by listening to everyday sounds. It free and only a few minutes.

*Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.
*Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.
*Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.
*Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.
*Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Your savings may vary.

*Based on 2024 internal pricing analysis. Your savings may vary.