Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is common

Hearing loss can happen gradually, making it difficult to self-diagnose. If hearing loss affects the life, family, work, or everyday interactions for you or someone you care for, explore the sections below for more information.

Did you know that the number of people with hearing loss is more than the number of people with Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease, and Diabetes combined?

Nearly 40 million Americans struggle to enjoy social gatherings with friends and family due to their hearing loss.

Hearing aids can help most people experiencing hearing loss.

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Common causes of hearing loss

One out of every nine Americans (approximately 36 million) has a hearing loss. This number is expected to rapidly climb and nearly double by the year 2030.


  • Sudden exposure to loud noise such as an explosion
  • Continuous exposure to loud environmental sounds such as traffic
  • Listening to high decibel music without protection


  • Infections such as herpes, syphilis, bacterial meningitis, and mumps
  • Genetics may cause full or partial hearing loss at birth
  • Family health history may indicate a pattern of hearing loss


  • Aging deteriorates inner ear function
  • Tiny hair cells that help you hear die with age and do not regrow
  • Chronic medical conditions can lead to hearing loss
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