Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Last update on Oct, 31, 2023

Have you ever wondered whether your insurance policy covers hearing aids? If so, you're not alone. Many people are unaware of their coverage options regarding hearing health care—and that's okay.


Insurance can be complicated. But a simple way to find out what your current policy covers is to use our Check Your Benefits tool. Once you provide us with information on your provider, an Amplifon Patient Care Advocate will help you understand your benefits, answer your questions, and guide you on the right path of your hearing health care journey.

Understanding Hearing Aid Benefits

An Interview with Dr. Carrie Meyer

Director of Clinical Programs

If you'd like to learn more about hearing insurance before checking your benefits, we have that covered, too. In this article, we'll answer your top insurance questions about hearing aids with expert advice from Dr. Meyer, one of our in-house audiologists.

Q: What Is Hearing Insurance?

Dr. Meyer: Most people are familiar with dental and vision coverage but are unsure if their policy covers hearing. Hearing insurance is financial coverage or discounts on hearing care, including hearing testing and hearing aids.

Like vision or dental insurance, it may or may not be included as an "add-on" benefit to your current insurance plan or employer/union benefit.

Q: Why Should I Check To See If I Have Hearing Aid Benefits?

Dr. Meyer: Checking to see if you have hearing aid benefits is a critical step in seeking care for hearing loss. Hearing care and hearing aids can be expensive, but hearing benefits can help you save money. 

Q: How Can I Make the Most of My Hearing Benefit?

Dr. Meyer: If you have a hearing benefit through Amplifon Hearing Health Care, you can access much more than just hearing aids. But if you've never been to a hearing care provider or had hearing aids, you may not know how to take advantage of the additional value. 

Here are a few ways to maximize your hearing benefit.

Ask Questions

Unsure whether you have a hearing benefit available through Amplifon? Need to know where the nearest hearing care provider is? Have any questions about the program? An Amplifon Patient Care Advocate is available to assist you at every step.

They'll answer all your queries and guide you in the right direction to ensure that you receive the best possible care for your hearing. You can contact them using the Check Your Benefit Tool or using their online form.

Find the Right Fit

Finding the right hearing aids can sometimes feel like buying a new car. You must decide which brand and model will meet your needs and which features you "can't live without." That's why it's important to work with an experienced hearing care provider. Your provider will work with you to select a hearing aid that suits both your lifestyle and degree of hearing loss.

With your Amplifon benefit, you can also try your hearing aids risk-free for 60 days. If, for any reason, you find that your hearing aids aren't the perfect match, you can return them with no return or restocking fees.1

Take Advantage of Follow-Up Care

When listening to music or using a smartphone, you adjust the sound to get the right treble, bass, and balance, right? Similarly, hearing aids must be adjusted to ensure they are comfortable and provide optimal sound.

Again, working with a provider can help you get your hearing aids adjusted correctly. For Amplifon members, a complimentary care package2 may be available depending on your plan offering. Check your benefit to learn more.

Know Your Coverage Options

Investing in hearing aids is a significant financial and lifestyle decision. I've encountered several patients who have lost or damaged their hearing aids and contacted me in a panic. Some even dealt with situations like "my dog ate my hearing aid."

With your Amplifon benefit, you don’t need to worry about accidents as you have warranty protection for loss, damage, or repairs2.

Get Batteries Sent To You

On average, hearing aid batteries last between 3 and 7 days, depending on the size of the battery required for your hearing aids. The short lifespan of the battery results in frequent trips to the store and increased expenses.

With your Amplifon benefit, you can get batteries2 delivered right to your doorstep, meaning you can make fewer trips to the store, which may save you money in the long run.

If you prefer hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, Amplifon will provide you with a free standard charger1 to keep your hearing aids powered, whether you're on the go or at home.

Q: Do Hearing Aid Benefits Expire?

Dr. Meyer: Yes. Like health insurance, your hearing benefit may or may not be renewed when your plan year ends. For most plans, benefits run in-line with the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

If you know you have a benefit, don't wait until December to get your hearing checked! Your new hearing aids must be in your ears before December 31 to use the current year's benefit.

If you had a hearing benefit in the past but are unsure if you're still covered, it's a good idea to check your benefit status. This is particularly important if you have switched health insurance carriers or employers/union associations or recently enrolled in Medicare/Medicare Advantage.

Q: What If I Don’t Have a Hearing Benefit?

Dr. Meyer: Even if you don't have health insurance or employer/union group coverage, you can still access savings on hearing care and hearing aids through Amplifon.

In fact, those who purchase hearing aids through Amplifon get exclusive discounts on hearing aids and complimentary aftercare, including a 60-day risk-free trial with no return or restocking fees.2

Q: Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids

Dr. Meyer: A growing number of health insurance plans—especially Medicare Advantage plans—now contain a hearing benefit that may cover all or part of the cost of hearing aids.

Simply put, your health insurance carrier or employer may participate in a hearing health care program that offers significant savings on high-quality hearing aids.

So be sure to check your benefits to know if your insurance will cover hearing aids.

Q: Does FSA or HSA Cover Hearing Aids?

Dr. Meyer: If your health plan includes a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), here’s good news: You can use the pre-tax dollars in your account to pay for hearing aids and hearing care services. This is even better news if your employer contributes to your FSA or HSA!

Be aware that, with most FSAs, you must use your funds by the end of the plan year. However, most HSAs allow you to carry over your fund balance from year to year.

Q: Are Hearing Aids Worth the Investment?

Dr. Meyer: Let's consider the cost of not taking care of your hearing loss. Numerous studies have shown a strong connection between untreated hearing loss and potentially serious and expensive medical conditions, including

  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Injury-causing falls

Additionally, hearing loss has been linked with increased healthcare use, including the number of hospitalizations.

If you’re employed, you should also know that untreated hearing loss could cost you as much as $30,000 in annual income, according to the MarkeTrak VII study, which involved 40,000 households.

Hearing Health Care Support & Resources

So, does your insurance cover hearing aids? Understanding your policy can be challenging and confusing. However, using our Check Your Benefits tool, you can easily access information on what your policy does and does not cover.1

Our team is here to help you understand your hearing benefit and find a suitable, cost-effective solution for your hearing health journey by connecting you with a local hearing care provider.

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Do you have coverage for hearing care?

Check your benefits now and start experiencing sounds the way you were meant to.

1Risk-free trial - 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied, no return or restocking fees.

2Care package details vary by plan. Exclusions and limitations may apply. Separate care packages may be available through your provider. These care packages are not included in your Amplifon benefit and may result in additional out-of-pocket cost. Contact Amplifon for details.

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