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About Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Amplifon Hearing Health Care connects health plans and other organizations and their members with quality care, superior products, and an exceptional service experience with significant cost savings. ​Because we believe that everyone ​deserves to hear well and live happy.​

Our hearing care progam*

Hearing testing

Professional hearing evaluations or virtual hearing screenings

Getting your hearing checked is now easier than ever with in-person and at-home options:

Virtual screening allows you to confirm if hearing loss is detected from the comfort of home

Professional hearing evaluations take place in a hearing care clinic setting. A hearing care professional will work with you to complete an in-depth evaluation of your hearing and propose solutions if hearing loss is indicated.

Top hearing aids

Hearing aid models from leading brands such as Amplifon (via Miracle Ear©), Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, and more.

Risk free trial

Find your right fit by trying your hearing aids for 60 days: 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied, no return or restocking fees.


Including coverage for repairs, loss, or damage. Exclusions and limitations may apply. Contact Amplifon (877-583-7071) for details.

Battery support

A supply of batteries or a charging station (with purchase of rechargeable hearing aid) to keep you powered.

Follow up care

Cleaning, adjustment, and other hearing aid services are included for most plans following purchase.

*Care package details vary by plan. Exclusions and limitations may apply. Separate care packages may be available through your provider. These care packages are not included in your Amplifon benefit and may result in additional out-of-pocket cost. Contact Amplifon (888-713-7659) for details.
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A new generation of hearing aids.

From small, virtually invisible designs to wireless features such as call-streaming, refined audio technology has made hearing aids better, easier, and more convenient for everyone regardless of age, lifestyle, or level of hearing loss. Which one's the right one for you?

A new way to hear the world

Today, even the most basic hearing aids offer far greater benefits than the clunky models of yesteryear. 

The latest hearing aid technology

Today's hearing aids are digital and far slimmer than the banana-shaped hearing aids your grandparents may have worn. In fact, some wireless hearing aids are so small; they’re nearly invisible. In addition, advances such as adaptive directional microphones and binaural processing have improved speech recognition, hearing in challenging listening settings, and sound localization

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids can vary significantly, depending on the technology level, number of advanced features and other factors. Although this comparison isn’t perfect, it’s a bit like buying a car — the more capabilities, performance features and options you want, the higher the price.

Living with hearing aids

Hearing aids today are advanced with extended connectivity to everyday electronics, such as alarm clocks, doorbells, phones, and TV; modern hearing aids make living more comfortable than ever before. Find out what you can expect as you adjust to wearing hearing aids in your everyday life. 

We bring you the most sophisticated technology in a range of hearing solutions, with price options to fit your budget.




Our invisible hearing aids

Small but mighty, our nearly invisible hearing aids are virtually unnoticeable and don't lack in amazing features.
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The rechargeable hearing aids

Say goodbye to batteries. Advanced litium-ion technology gives you’re the freedom to live an active, busy life.
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Are you a hearing care provider?

Whether you're brand new to the Amplifon Hearing Health Care network or you're a long-time partner, we've compiled a list of resources to support you as you help your patients navigate their hearing benefits.

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