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Guiding you to the right benefit for your organization and members

Amplifon Hearing Health Care customizes, implements and administers hearing benefits to meet your evolving needs with a focus on improving member outcomes and increasing ROI. With a passionate team, decades of experience and more than 6,000 clinic locations nationwide, we offer solutions to help your members make the best use of their hearing benefit to keep members happy and healthy while saving you more.

Why Partner With Amplifon?

The hearing health care landscape is changing. Amplify your hearing benefit to drive savings, satisfaction and retention. 

Improve Care and ROI

Connecting Members to the Best Treatment 

More members wearing hearing aids increases the impact and savings on chronic conditions and comorbidities for your plan, including depression, dementia and falls.

To improve hearing aid usage, we've created a Remote Care Team led by our in-house audiologist with 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Carrie Meyer, to monitor hearing aid usage and engage with members to increase wear time, influence comorbidities and enhance their satisfaction.

In an ongoing study on Amplifon members, results show 11% improvement in communication, quality of life, and connection with others among users with Amplifon benefits vs. those without.¹

Access to More

Giving Members the Gift of Sound

Research shows product options is the third most important consideration, behind insurance coverage and costs, among members based on information needed prior to hearing care.²

At Amplifon, we're not owned by a manufacturer, so we never force the sale of specific brands. Instead, we enable providers to fit the right hearing aid to the patient.

Our Amplifon product line adds advanced technology to best-selling hearing aids, providing members with virtual care capabilities that range from usage tracking and personalized coaching to on-demand virtual visits. With Amplifon, members have access to the benefits they need, when they need them—and more product options.

Keep Members Happy

Motivating Your Members Into Action

Through education and virtual solutions, our HIPAA and TCPA-compliant Care Center Team guides members through their hearing benefits and employs evidence-based interviewing techniques to strengthen members’ own motivating factors to change their hearing health behavior. We also help members prepare for their first hearing evaluation to build their confidence—spending more than 10 minutes per call (the industry average is 4 min).³

We also offer more than 6,000 nationwide in-network locations with more of the providers members want—from private healthcare systems to recognized brands, including Miracle-Ear®, exclusive to Amplifon.

There's Even More to Amplifon Partner with us

Built to Partner: The Amplifon Way

At Amplifon, our independent expertise helps you design and administer a hearing benefit that reflects your organization and your members' best interests. Our flexible and scalable model keeps you in the driver's seat, choosing which services you want to delegate while allowing for growth as needed.

Throughout our partnership, we provide ongoing, strategic account management with the goal of remaining a constant resource for you and your team.

The result? Maximum savings, exceptional member experience, improved outcomes and member satisfaction.

Learn more about who we partner with:

Health Plans

Ancillary insurance

Union & Self-Funded

Workers’ Comp

Health Plans

Hearing Benefits for Health Plans

Leverage a hearing benefit as a strategic tool for growth and member retention. We tailor plans to Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement plans, and commercial lines of coverage.

Learn about our health plans
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Ancillary insurance

Hearing Benefits for Ancillary Insurance

Add value to your ancillary plans! We partner with leading dental and vision insurance providers and other prominent organizations.

Learn about our ancillary insurance

Union & Self-Funded

Hearing Benefits for Union & Self-Funded

Discover a wide range of cost-effective and comprehensive options for unions and self-funded insurance plans.

Learn about our union and self-funded plans

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Workers’ Comp

Hearing Benefits for Work Comp Programs

Hearing loss is one of the most common work-related health issues. With us, you can offer high-quality hearing care to your members while containing costs.

Learn about our workers' compensation plans

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The Amplifon Difference in Action

Member Testimonial

“I'm proud of my hearing aids, Amplifon gave me a better lifestyle. I don't have to ask a second time what did you say. All the volume in my house can be turned down now. Many appreciations to Amplifon.”

Helping Organizations Help Others

We know you may have questions about how we operate. Here’s what our partners typically ask us.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team so we can connect and start working together to make a difference and improve your ROI.

Let's Connect

How hearing fits in our overall wellness strategy?

By partnering with Amplifon, you have the opportunity to greatly reduce chronic conditions and comorbidities in your members. The high ROI justifies your investments in hearing health care.

How do you measure the effectiveness?

We measure our hearing health program's effectiveness using three critical categories:

ROI: We help deliver a better return on investment than any other hearing care solution.

Hearing aid treatment: Amplifon members experience more effective treatment, greater perceived benefits and satisfaction vs. private-pay hearing aid users. Additionally, our members enjoy improved communication with the use of hearing aids, reduction of the negative impacts of hearing loss on others, improved quality of life and feel that using hearing aids are worth the effort.¹

Wear Time: More members using and wearing hearing aids increases the influence and savings on chronic conditions and comorbidities for health plans. Our Remote Care Team helps monitor hearing aid usage and proactively works with members when engagement is low. 

How does Amplifon improve member outcomes?

Health Savings: We have global purchasing power with all leading brands, so savings are already passed onto our partners and their members.

The Right Fit: We are the only hearing administrator with a universal reimbursement rate, which ensures that providers fit hearing aids based on members’ medical and lifestyle needs, instead of maximizing provider ROI.

Member Satisfaction: We motivate members into positive action through education, virtual solutions and tailored, white-glove services that help them understand their benefits and connect to local in-network providers for regular evaluations and care, when needed.

As a result, our members are more satisfied as evident through our high CAHPS scores, consistently exceeding scores for even 5-Star plans.

Quality of Life: Comorbidities cost more than hearing aids, so we ensure that members are engaged in their hearing health care journey, so they have higher quality of life and are not spending on more serious health conditions related to untreated hearing loss.

I’m in! How do I get started?

We’re excited you want to make a change—and we know your members will be, too. Reach out to our team for an initial consultation. We’d like to get to know you better in order to customize a proposal tailored to your organization and your needs. 
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Offer member-focused care

Now is the time to make an impactful change. Learn how our tailored benefit designs and flexible services can help your members pursue a healthier quality of life. When you contact Amplifon, you’ll talk to an expert who can guide you to a hearing benefit that's tailored to your organization.

¹Amplifon Product Experience member study on health impact and hearing aid treatment effectiveness, results to be published by 2024.

²AHHC surveys to members, non-members, providers and non-AHHC providers, October 2021.

³Average talk time in healthcare industry, 2021 Talkdesk global contact center KPI benchmarking report.

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