Reimbursement Process

The Amplifon Hearing Health Care reimbursement model

As an Amplifon network provider, we want to let you know about some changes happening to our reimbursement model in 2021 and the various ways Amplifon is committed to growing our partnership. Here are important things you need to know:

Reimbursement process changes

Right now, you receive reimbursement for your services based on the technology tier of the hearing aid purchased by Amplifon members. Beginning January 2021, Amplifon Hearing Health Care will begin a new reimbursement model that compensates you for the time you spend with patients rather than the hearing aid model and technology level sold.

We recognize you devote the same amount of time with your patients, no matter what technology level is fit. To that end, we are shifting to a flat reimbursement that is more commensurate with your time rather than with technology tier sold. All Amplifon referrals, except for Cigna customers with a hearing aid allowance, will be reimbursed at the new flat rate.

2021 Reimbursement Rates

Commercial and Medicare Advantage

  • $500 per hearing aid
  • $1,000 per pair


  • $300 per hearing aid
  • $600 per pair

Amplifon is investing in ways to collaborate and increase patient referrals

In our effort to restore sound and to serve more patients, Amplifon Hearing Health Care is strengthening our value proposition to become the preferred hearing benefits administrator for U.S. health insurers. It’s equally important we find ways to deepen our partnership with our providers and find new ways to add value to your practice.

This includes:

  • Education – look for CEU credits, trainings, and webinars focused on insurance, clinical care pathways, and other healthcare best practices
  • Efficiency – product ordering, new provider portal, faster benefit verifications and pre-qualified referrals
  • Communication – new reporting tools, increased transparency, and new provider advisory committee

Thank you for all you do to help our patients regain their sense of hearing and reconnect with life! We value our partnership and look forward to our future together.

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