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Cigna Referral

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Testing services are billed directly to Cigna.

The following outlines the full process for this Cigna referral:

Hearing Aids

Pre-Fitting information:

  1. Hearing aid recommendation submitted to Amplifon Hearing Health Care.
  2. Cost estimate provided via Disclosure Form can be downloaded in the provider portal and must be reviewed with and signed by Cigna customer prior to fitting. Provide Cigna customer with a printed copy of the signed Disclosure Form for their records.
  3. Hearing aid orders go directly to the manufacturer using the appropriate Amplifon Hearing Health Care bill-to number and your ship-to address. Please reference the PO reference number located on the Receipt of Delivery form. Amplifon Hearing Health Care pays the manufacturer for hearing aids and earmolds under this plan.

At time of Fitting:

  1. Hearing Aid(s) must be fit by a contracted Cigna Professional.
  2. Please send the signed Receipt of Delivery and Disclosure forms along with the Packing Slip from the manufacturer to Amplifon Hearing Health Care within 24 hours of fitting.


  1. Amplifon Hearing Health Care will inform you whether you need to collect payment from a Cigna customer with a Health Care Spending account (Cigna Choice Fund Plan).
  2. Payment to Amplifon Hearing Health Care may be made via e-check or credit card through the provider portal, or through Care Credit and must be forwarded to Amplifon Hearing Health Care. If patient cannot pay by e-check, credit card, or Care Credit, then payment by check will be accepted. Checks should be made payable to Amplifon Hearing Health Care.


  • 5 year free supply of batteries with every purchase.
  • The first year supply of batteries will be mailed to the customer’s home, along with a reminder letter to contact Amplifon Hearing Health Care for their second year of free batteries.
  • After their five year supply is depleted, the customer may contact Amplifon Hearing Health Care to find out if additional battery coverage is available.

Dispensing Fee

  • Amplifon Hearing Health Care must have a completed W-9 from you in order to process your dispensing fee. 
  • You will be paid 60 days after the delivery date. Standard dispensing fees apply.

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