Are You Considering Joining a Network?

Keeping patients at the center of care

As a hearing care provider, your patients are your first priority. A good hearing care network will help you keep your patients at the center of your practice. 

Finding a hearing program that fits

When considering joining a hearing care network, there are many factors to consider, including: 

Administrative support

You're a hearing care provider, not an insurance specialist. Your hearing care network should provide you with key administrative support like claims processing, and benefit verification. 

Product choice

You want to be able to fit your patients with the right hearing aid - one that matches their specific type and degree of hearing loss and lifestyle. But this can be hard to achieve when their hearing benefit only covers a limited selection of hearing aids. When selecting a network, make sure you find one with a wide range of hearing aid brands and products so you can fit the right hearing aid to your patient. 


Insurance can be complicated, especially when it comes to government programs like Medicare Advantage plans. Find a network that not only works with these plans, but can also manage all the associated compliance requirements. Once again allowing you to focus on your patient and not paperwork. 

Streamlined credentialling

Getting credentialled with a hearing care network can be a long process. If you want to take part in multiple networks, that means more forms and more time. To save time, networks that participate in the Hearing Network Alliance have come together to allow providers to get credentialled/recredentialled once via the CAQH database
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