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As a leader of a union or self-funded insurance plan, you know the impact that member and employee health has on production, retention and performance.

Hearing loss is a serious health issue in the workplace, and exposure to loud noises and other hazardous conditions can lead to permanent and irreversible damage. By offering a high-quality hearing benefit that includes affordable hearing aids, a nationwide network of hearing care providers and access to hearing health care services, you can boost productivity and keep your members healthy and at work.

What's At Stake?

Union Members

Union members may be at high risk of hearing loss due to their daily exposure to loud noise levels. Construction, manufacturing and transportation workers are especially vulnerable to hearing damage, leading to a variety of negative consequences, including reduced productivity and increased absenteeism.

By partnering with Amplifon, union funds can maximize their health and welfare benefits by helping members take the necessary steps to treat their hearing loss, ensuring workers remain safe, productive and satisfied with their jobs. The result is happy and healthy union members and stronger member acquisition and retention rates due to high-quality union benefits that protect them now and in the future.

Self-Funded Employees

When employees have access to hearing health care, they're 44% more likely to seek support for hearing-related issues sooner¹ that may be impacting their ability to communicate with colleagues and perform their jobs effectively. Plus, they'll know their employer has their best interests in mind for their health and well-being, increasing job satisfaction and retention.

Addressing hearing health concerns early helps prevent more serious issues from developing later on, which can significantly lower health care costs for both the employee and the employer. With a flexible and affordable hearing benefit from Amplifon, your self-funded insurance plan can do just that!

A Personalized Approach to Hearing Health Care

Learn what else your members or employees can expect with a trusted hearing health administrator like Amplifon Hearing Health Care.

Independent Ownership

You deserve a trusted advocate for your plan—and your members or employees do, too. At Amplifon, we are not owned by a manufacturer. That means no ties to bind us to certain brands and no compromises when it comes to the quality of hearing health care for your members or employees. Instead, we always act in the best interests of our partners and their members or employees.

More Choice

With Amplifon, hearing care providers have access to more than 800 hearing aid devices from all the leading brands, so they can tailor a hearing solution to each member or employee’s needs and preferences. 

Nationwide Access

Your members and employees can connect to a hearing care provider in their neighborhood. Amplifon offers over 6,000 in-network nationwide locations supported by fully contracted and NCQA-credentialed providers. 

Greater Savings

Your members or employees can enjoy peace of mind during their next hearing evaluation. Our providers agree to charge fixed prices on hearing devices based on our formulary. So, whether your members are receiving care in one state or another, they can expect the same price and cost savings with an Amplifon hearing benefit.

In fact, with Amplifon's fixed, transparent pricing, paired with our global purchasing power, members and employees can save an average of 66% off MSRP² on hearing aids. Each hearing aid also comes with a 60-day risk-free trial, a three-year warranty for loss and damage, follow-up care and more.

The bottom line: Your members or employees can easily access their hearing benefit when they need it while reducing downstream health care costs. 

Personalized Member Experience

We know your employees and members are busy at work. That’s why our care team is dedicated to helping them understand their hearing benefit, schedule convenient virtual hearing screenings, book hearing exams, and use their hearing devices, if needed.

We want to partner with you to help members and employees achieve their health goals and have the flexibility to address any concerns related to their hearing early on.

Higher Quality of Care

We protect your members or employees through our exclusive universal provider reimbursement rate, which enables providers to focus on personalized care rather than maximizing provider profits. For members and employees, this means no surprises or feeling pressured into purchasing hearing devices they don't want or need.

Instead, they know they're getting the best care possible from their provider, thus fostering a healthier patient/provider relationship.

Improved Outcomes

When members and employees use their hearing benefit, they reduce the risk of experiencing costly, life-altering health concerns, including depression, injury-causing falls, tinnitus, or vertigo that affect their ability to work effectively and communicate with others on the job. If hearing loss remains untreated, the risk of physical injury increases as does absenteeism, due to people not being able to hear or missing critical signals that impact their safety or the safety of their co-workers.

With an Amplifon hearing benefit added to your health and welfare benefits or self-funded insurance, your team gets the hearing care they deserve, when needed, to pursue healthier lives and get back to the jobs they love without interruption.

Expect More from Your Hearing Health Partner

Amplifon can act as your single hearing health care partner, catering to all your administrative and management requirements. Throughout our partnership, we provide ongoing, strategic account management with the goal of remaining a constant resource for your organization.

We also provide turnkey, strategic multi-channel campaigns at no cost to your plan, motivating your members and employees into action. Through co-branded materials and collaboration with your plan, we'll help you deliver the right message at the right time through the right channels so you achieve high engagement. 

Ready to Save More?

We've successfully executed and managed hearing benefits for many union funds and self-funded plans. Today, we're prepared to leverage our expertise and experience to provide union hearing benefits that best suit your members or a hearing benefit for your employer-sponsored health insurance plan to meet the needs of your employees today and in the future.

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¹Windmill, I.M. The Financing of Hearing Care: What We Can Learn from MarkeTrak 2022, (December, 2022).

²Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Savings may vary.

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