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Looking for high-quality hearing care solutions? Partnering with Amplifon Hearing Health Care enables your members to receive the hearing care they deserve—saving your organization tens of thousands of dollars in downstream health care costs. 

But it gets better. With Amplifon, your members' quality of life will benefit, too. Our dedicated care team ensures members receive ongoing guidance and support throughout their hearing journey. As a result, your organization may realize increased member experience and satisfaction. If you’re a Medicare Advantage plan, you may experience increased member growth and retention, higher Star Ratings and improved ROI for chronic conditions and comorbidities.

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Tailored Benefits

We offer tailored benefit designs and hearing aid formularies for your population. Our formulary encompasses more than 800 hearing devices from all the leading brands, coupled with deep discounts to maximize member savings and ensure accessibility to desired products.


Members have access to more than 6,000 in-network locations with NCQA-credentialed providers who deliver high-quality, cost-effective hearing care solutions tailored to each patient's needs.

5-Star Ratings

Amplifon's white-glove service helps members stay proactive in their hearing journey while we protect them through our exclusive universal provider reimbursement rate. This enables our providers to focus on quality care rather than maximizing profits. 


From virtual services to our Global Access Program, our hearing care solutions are designed to ensure member success and increased wear time of their hearing aids. The more members are wearing and using their hearing aids, the higher the savings on chronic conditions and comorbidities for your plan.

What's At Stake for Your Members?

When members don’t address their hearing loss, they don’t just miss out on conversations and the sounds they love. They also increase their risk of experiencing costly, life-altering health conditions, including depression, dementia and injury-causing falls. 

Hearing loss

Hearing aids

Hearing benefits

Hearing loss

A Silent Epidemic

Nearly 40 million Americans, including an estimated one-third of seniors, experience hearing loss.¹ This means a significant portion of the population will need access to high-quality hearing aids now and in the future.
Man getting a hearing exam

Hearing aids

Low Utilization

Of the nearly 40 million who have hearing loss, only one-third wear hearing aids² while typically less than 1% of Medicare Advantage members use their hearing benefit each year.
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Hearing benefits

Tuning Out

If a benefit is too complicated, members often avoid seeking treatment. Or if it limits them to a single manufacturer, they won't have access to hearing aids tailored to their unique needs—meaning these devices may end up in a drawer, significantly impacting wear time, member experience and outcomes. 
Hearing aids on table

Hearing Health - Amplifed!

Because Amplifon is independently owned, our providers have access to over 800 hearing aids from all the leading brands, ensuring your members get high-quality hearing care solutions tailored to their unique needs, preferences and budget. Even better, Amplifon members show an 11% improvement in communication, quality of life and connection with others compared to private-pay patients.³

We've Got Your Members Covered!

We guide members through every step of their hearing journey, including scheduling appointments and protecting members traveling overseas. Our audiologist-led Remote Care Team is dedicated to a higher level of member care and improved outcomes through usage tracking, personalized coaching and on-demand virtual visits.


More Savings and Transparency

Our group purchasing power reduces hearing aid costs with an average of 66% off MSRP⁴, even before a benefit is applied.

Plus, our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive, which means no surprises, only cost savings to you and your members. 

Administrative Support

Amplifon can serve as your single hearing healthcare partner, satisfying all administrative and management needs, including provider credentialing/recredentialing, assisting in filing hearing benefits with CMS and developing strategic multi-channel campaigns and member communications.

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You have a lot on your plate, so switching to a new hearing administrator may sound overwhelming. The good news is that hearing is one of the most straightforward and simple benefits to change, and it’s all we do. We’ll partner with you to make sure the transition is seamless and tailored to the services you need while providing the flexibility your members want.

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²MarkeTrak 10: Hearing Aids in an Era of Disruption and DTC/OTC Devices

³Amplifon Product Experience member study on health impact and hearing aid treatment effectiveness, results to be published by 2024.

⁴Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Savings may vary.

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