A Better Hearing Benefit for Union Members

Last update on Oct, 19, 2022

Why are a growing number of the nation’s largest unions partnering with Amplifon Hearing Health Care to offer a hearing benefit? Because when it comes to their valued members, they won’t settle for a “check-the-box” benefit. In doing their homework, they’ve discovered that an Amplifon-powered hearing benefit offers several key advantages, including:

Independent Ownership

No ties to any hearing aid manufacturer, meaning we always act in the best interests of your union and its members

More Choices

Giving hearing care providers access to all major brands of hearing aids, so they can tailor a hearing solution to each member’s needs and preferences

Transparent Pricing

All-inclusive, too, meaning each hearing aid comes with a risk-free 60-day trial, three-year loss-and-damage warranty, follow-up care and more

Substantial Savings

An average 66% discount per device, coupled with clinical oversight that helps keep costs low

Nationwide Access

High-quality hearing care close to home for your members, thanks to a provider network with locations near 92% of U.S. neighborhoods

Personalized Service

Including on-demand access to a dedicated Hearing Care Advocate, to guide members through their hearing health care journey

Quality Measures

Using the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey to understand and improve the member experience

Member Communications

Totally turnkey and integrated with your communications strategy to deliver education and call-to-action at precisely the right time
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