The Many Roles of an Amplifon Account Manager

Last update on Apr, 10, 2019
Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan

National Accounts Manager

Jennifer possesses more than 25 years of experience in health care, encompassing the group, managed care, cost containment and care management sectors. For the past two years, Jennifer has provided high-quality account management and superior customer service to Amplifon clients, with the goal of elevating their success. She has worked extensively with third-party administrators, Taft-Hartley funds and numerous health care service providers across the U.S.

What can an account manager do for you? More than you might think! At Amplifon Hearing Health Care, our national account managers wear a lot of different hats (often several on any given day), yet virtually everything we do touches our partners and their members or employees in one way or another.

Of the many hats we wear, I feel there are two that are most important: the “nurturer hat” and the “educator hat.”

My “nurturer hat” helps me listen to my clients, understand their goals for their hearing health care program and make program recommendations based on best practices. I also enjoy celebrating with my clients when their members or employees experience an enhanced quality of life as a result of the program.

My “educator hat” has me constantly thinking about creative ways my clients can inform their members or employees about hearing health — especially preventing and treating hearing loss. In addition, I try to stay informed about industry trends and advancements, which I share with my clients to keep them at the “head of the class”.

A multigenerational view of hearing health

As I was wearing my “educator” hat, I recently ran across an article about a study conducted at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Researchers there concluded that deaf infants possess different cognitive abilities than infants who are able to hear. For me this article drives home a critical point: Hearing loss is not just a concern for older adults; it affects people of all ages, including the youngest of children.
Furthermore, by educating ourselves about the importance of hearing loss prevention, the comorbidities of untreated hearing loss (e.g., depression, dementia and injury-causing falls) and the symptoms of hearing loss, we equip ourselves to reach across the generations and make a difference in the lives of others.

For example, when adults wear earmuffs to prevent noise-induced hearing loss or hearing aids to address a hearing impairment, they send a message to their children and grandchildren that good hearing is essential and should not be ignored. Besides conveying actionable messages, these role models are helping to nurture the generations that follow.
Amplifon representatives strive to be educators, too. For example, when we attend health fairs, we distribute free earplugs along with messages about preventing noise-induced hearing loss and, in general, taking care of our hearing. In addition, we’re committed to spreading the word about recognizing the signs of hearing loss in children, paving the way for critically important early intervention.

Empowering you to educate and inspire

In summary, we want you, our partner, to know that hearing health care is not simply about the use of hearing aids. Yes, these marvelous devices are essential when a loss has been detected, and Amplifon is here to assist individuals along their journey to better hearing.

Just as important to us, however, is equipping you with information and tools you can use to educate your members or employees about hearing health and, in particular, to create an awareness that hearing loss affects people of all ages. We also work to highlight special events such as World Hearing Day (March 3) and Better Hearing and Speech Month (May).

As part of this empowerment, we’ve developed a multifaceted Communication Plan, provided to our partners at no cost, that details strategies, tactics and timelines for educating and inspiring your members/employees. In addition, I recommend subscribing to our partner blog, which contains a lot of valuable information you can share with your team, as well as with your members or employees.

If you have any questions or would like help with developing an educational campaign tailored to your organization, I invite you to get in touch with me or your National Account Manager. We’re one of many people here at Amplifon with a tall stack of hats on our heads!

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