The Mighty Hearing Benefit

Last update on Jan, 18, 2021

Consumers are demanding more supplemental benefits from their Medicare Advantage plans. For plan administrators, the challenge becomes how to satisfy this demand while maintaining fiscal integrity — especially in the face of rising healthcare costs.

As our new white paper points out, Medicare Advantage plans must make judicious decisions about the right mix of benefits and the individual benefits themselves. This includes the choice of a hearing benefit, as well as the hearing health care partner behind the benefit.

Now available for download, “The Mighty Hearing Benefit” white paper conveys clear, compelling insights addressing:

  • Why hearing health is so interconnected with overall health, including hearing loss comorbidities that have a life-altering impact on member health and well-being, as well as on per-member-per-month (PMPM) costs
  • How the right hearing benefit ultimately contributes to healthier members, along with lower PMPM costs
  • Which criteria to use in selecting a hearing benefit and hearing health care partner that support the goals of members and the Medicare Advantage plan

The last section, “A decision guide for plan administrators,” offers several criteria, encompassing five key areas, to use in evaluating potential partners: quality standards for the hearing health care provider network; hearing aid formulary size and fitting autonomy; pricing structure and transparency; member engagement and communication; and measuring and improving the member experience.

The Mighty Hearing Benefit

The Mighty Hearing Benefit

The potential to drive improved member health and lower cost for Medicare Advance plans

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