Your Members Deserve a Better Hearing Benefit. Consider a Change.

Last update on Apr, 11, 2024

A hearing benefit should serve as a gateway to better hearing for your health plan members. Unfortunately, not all hearing benefits deliver the same member experience. For example, do your members experience excessively long hold times when they call to use their hearing benefit? Is there a lack of dedicated resources to support members throughout their hearing care journey?

Studies have shown that people with a lot of trouble communicating with their providers experience 140%¹ higher odds of hospitalization. It’s critical that health plans facilitate exceptional member experience so they can access their hearing benefit without trouble.

If your hearing benefit isn’t meeting the expectations of your health plan or your members, consider switching to a proven hearing health care partner and a better hearing benefit.

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Transform your ‘check-the-box’ hearing benefit into one that elevates the overall member experience and member health, differentiating your health plan in the marketplace.

At Amplifon Hearing Health Care, we understand the unique challenges of populations needing hearing care. We partner with health plans to deliver an exceptional member experience at every juncture of the hearing care journey. 

Amplifon Member Hearing Care Journey


Building Awareness and Overcoming Barriers
  • Motivate members to take action and overcome their objections through personalized educational programs and multi-channel engagement initiatives, including virtual hearing screening
  • Answer calls within 30 seconds from members who want to use their hearing benefit
  • Devote more than 10 minutes with members during the initial call (vs. 3:38 for general healthcare calls²) to assess individual hearing needs, address barriers, use motivational interviewing approach to encourage taking action
  • Explain the nuances of each step of the hearing care process, verify / explain hearing benefits, and schedule an appointment with a hearing care professional

During Care

Completion of Hearing Assessment and Understanding Treatment
  • Ensure provider focuses on high-quality clinical service delivery due to universal provider reimbursement of service provided, not for technology tier of hearing aids sold
  • Provide convenient access to our NCQA-credentialed nationwide network of more than 6,000 hearing care provider locations, including most Miracle-Ear locations
  • Deliver an average savings of 66%³, even before a benefit is applied, on the leading brands of hearing aids
  • Educate / remind providers and members throughout the hearing evaluation and hearing aid fitting processes to ensure optimal outcomes and a satisfactory experience for everyone involved



Ensure Member Use and Satisfaction

  • Personalized coaching via the Amplifon app provides monitoring to assess hearing aid utilization and device performance, reaching out to members, when necessary, to help them improve daily usage and enhance their experience, resulting in improved outcomes
  • Connect members with virtual services and online tools, including on-demand virtual visits with our audiologist-led Remote Care team, to assist with hearing aid adjustments and troubleshooting, leading to long-term satisfaction
  • Continually communicate with and support members long after the fitting, reinforcing the value of consistent hearing aid use in reaching their goals
  • Follow up with members to gauge satisfaction with their hearing aids via CAHPS surveys and to drive continuous improvements to our program. Our overall CAHPS scores consistently exceed scores for even 5-Star plans!

Benefit from our sole focus on hearing health care

At Amplifon we focus exclusively on hearing, which means we devote 100% of our energy and resources to making certain your members derive maximum value from their hearing benefit and their hearing aids. Besides elevating the member experience, our program contributes to overall good health by reducing the risk of costly hearing loss comorbidities, such as depression, dementia and falls. The positive impacts extend to your health plan, as well, influencing quality measures and enhancing your ability to attract and retain members.

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Talk to an expert

Ready to give your members a better hearing health care experience? Schedule a conversation with an Amplifon hearing benefit expert.

¹Reed, N.S., et al, Association of Self-Reported Trouble Hearing and Patient–Provider Communication with Hospitalizations among Medicare Beneficiaries, Semin Hear 2021; 42(01): 026-036, DOI: 10.1055/s-0041-1725998

²Average talk time in healthcare industry, 2021 Talkdesk global contact center KPI benchmarking report

³Based on 2023 internal MSRP analysis. Actual savings may vary.

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