More Choices, Better Outcomes

Learn about the importance of extensive product selection in a hearing benefit

Today’s consumers are benefiting from an incredible array of constantly advancing technologies that address hearing loss more effectively than ever. This product diversity enables hearing care providers to tailor hearing solutions to the needs and preferences of every patient. It also responds to the growing consumer preference for specific hearing aid brands.

More Choices, Better Outcomes

More Choices, Better Outcomes

A new white paper from Amplifon Hearing Health Care reveals what consumers and hearing care providers are saying about the importance of extensive product choice within a health plan’s hearing benefit.

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Our latest white paper dives into the results of two surveys that probed the perceptions of consumers and hearing care providers regarding the impact of product choice on hearing loss treatment. Specific areas of discussion include:

  • Consumer views of their overall hearing health care experience and the importance of access to a wide range of hearing aid brands, as well as the desire to know available brand/product options before visiting a hearing care provider
  • Provider views of why it’s important to offer a broad selection of hearing aid options and the positive patient impacts of an extensive product formulary
  • The financial and health consequences of hearing aids that are unused or underutilized

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