Hearing aids type

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

Small and unnoticeable

The RIC hearing aid type differs from the behind-the-ear style by its way of transmitting sound. There are three distinct parts: the case, the wire-earpiece and the earpiece. The earpiece is placed directly in the ear canal, and the microphone and amplifier are in a small box located behind the ear. The earphone wire is used to connect the earphone and the case. 

A miniaturized case


Daily comfort

Powerful performance

A miniaturized case

Discreet and barely visible

The case of a RIC hearing aid is thinner and smaller than the classic earloop. It slips completely behind the ear for an almost invisible result. The customization of the case colors makes it even more discreet, by matching it with skin color or hair.
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Easy to handle

RIC hearing aids are easily put in place, only one hand is needed! The casing allows easy access to the battery and settings buttons. Despite their lightness, they hold perfectly in place.
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Daily comfort

The most comfortable for you

RIC devices have noise reduction features, allowing for comfortable listening in various situations. Suitable for mild-to-medium hearing loss, RIC hearing aids allow you to concentrate on the words spoken.
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Powerful performance

Naturally flowing sound

RIC hearing aids benefit from the latest sound processing technologies, delivering a natural hearing experience.
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Someone replacing the battery of an RIC hearing aid
RIC: Receiver-in-the-canal

Small and discreet, the speaker sits out of sight in the canal. 

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