7 Common Sounds That Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

Last update on Jun, 20, 2017

Don’t listen to music too loudly. Cover your ears when you mow the lawn. We’ve all heard these hearing protection tips before. Our ears are incredibly sensitive – that means common experiences like traveling in an airplane or being out in a loud thunderstorm may negatively impact your hearing ability. There are other everyday activities that can hurt your hearing, too.

115 dB - Leaf Blower 30 seconds to damage

100 dB - MP3 Playes 15 minutes to damage

97 dB - Motorcycle 30 minutes to damage

94 dB - Electric Drill 30 minutes to damage

91 dB - Hair Dryer 2 hours to damage

90 dB - Lawn Mower 4 hours to damage

88 dB - Heavy City Traffic 4 hours to damage

Woman wearing headphones outside

Professional hearing evaluation

Are you concerned that certain activities might have damaged your hearing? A professional hearing evaluation can reveal your degree of hearing loss and help you find the best hearing solution for you. Not sure if you have hearing loss or how serious it is? Take this simple, interactive online quiz to help determine the need for a professional hearing evaluation.

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