Your top 5 hearing insurance questions answered

Hearing insurance can be confusing. We're breaking down the top 5 hearing insurance questions.
Last update on Nov, 03, 2022

1. What is hearing insurance?

Hearing insurance is financial coverage and/or discounts on hearing care, including hearing testing and hearing aids. Like vision or dental insurance, hearing insurance may or may not be included as an ‘add-on’ benefit to your health insurance or employer/union benefit. 

2. Why should I check to see if I have a benefit?

Checking to see if you have a hearing benefit is a critical step in seeking care for hearing loss. Hearing care and hearing aids can be expensive, but hearing benefits can help you save money. Don’t leave money on the table – check to see if you have a benefit before scheduling an appointment with a hearing care provider. 

3. How do I use my benefits?

If you have a hearing benefit through Amplifon, we’ll help guide you through every step of your hearing care journey:

  • Call Amplifon at (877) 846-7074 - We’ll walk you through all the information and details of your hearing benefit and help you request an appointment with an in-network Amplifon provider near you.
  • At your appointment, make sure to mention that you have a hearing benefit through Amplifon. This will help your provider recommend hearing aids that are covered by your hearing benefit and remind them to order your hearing aids through the Amplifon portal to ensure your benefit is applied to your purchase.
  • Take advantage of your additional benefits. All Amplifon benefits include additional services to help you adjust to your new hearing aids or cover you in the case that something happens to your hearing aids. Additional benefits vary by plan but may include: a risk-free 60-day trial period, free follow-up visits, free batteries or a charging station for rechargeable hearing aids, or a warranty for loss, repairs, or damage. Call Amplifon for more details and to find out what is available to you.

4. Do my benefits expire?

Yes. Like health insurance, your hearing benefit may or may not be renewed when your plan year ends. For most plans, benefits run in-line with the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

If you know you have a benefit, don’t wait until December to get your hearing checked! Your new hearing aids need to be in your ears before December 31st to use this year’s benefit.

If you had a hearing benefit in the past, but aren’t sure if you’re still covered, it’s always a good idea to give us a call to confirm if you still have a benefit. This is especially important if you have changed health insurance carriers or employers / union associations, or if you recently went on Medicare/Medicare Advantage.

5. What if I don’t have a hearing benefit?

Even if you don’t have coverage through your health insurance or employer/union group, you can still access savings on hearing care and hearing aids through Amplifon. In fact, those who purchase hearing aids through Amplifon get exclusive discounts on hearing aids and complimentary aftercare, including a 60-day risk-free trial with no return or restocking fees, one-year of free follow-up care, two years of free batteries or a standard charging station, and a three-year warranty for loss, repairs, or damage.**

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Do you have hearing coverage?

Not sure if you have insurance coverage for hearing care? We can help you check your benefit!

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