New Hearing Network Credentialing Alliance (HNA)

Last update on Oct, 07, 2020

As of October 1, 2020, Amplifon Hearing Health Care has partnered with three other hearing care provider networks (Avesis, United Healthcare Hearing and Your Hearing Network) to form the Hearing Network Credentialing Alliance (HNA). The primary purpose of the HNA is to create a simplified and streamlined credentialing process to reduce the cost and effort required for hearing care professionals to manage their credentialing. We believe that this simplified process will have a positive impact on practices and providers, particularly for those who participate in multiple hearing care plans, by eliminating the redundancies of needing to submit the same documentation to multiple networks.

What changes for you?

Part of this new simplified credentialing process includes use of CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) ProView for all network credentialing and recredentialing applications. CAQH is a FREE, online platform used by more than 1.4 million healthcare providers for the secure capturing and sharing of self-reported professional and practice information.

Once you have given Amplifon access to your CAQH profile you will no longer need to submit these documents directly to Amplifon for your recredentialing applications. It is that easy!

If you already use CAQH ProView for the maintenance of your professional credentialing documentation, you will simply need to ensure all your documentation in our profile is current, including the attestation, and authorize Amplifon Hearing Health Care to access your CAQH profile. You can also choose to authorize “All healthcare organizations that indicate I am an affiliated provider or am in the process of becoming an affiliated provider.”

If you do not yet use CAQH, you will need to register through the CAQH ProView Provider Portal obtain your CAQH ProView Provider ID. Once you obtain your unique CAQH ID, you will need to log in to the ProView portal and complete your profile and upload your professional documentation. Then, either choose to authorize all healthcare organizations that you are affiliated with to have access to your CAQH profile or add Amplifon Hearing Health Care individually as an organization.

Introducing a new administrative partner

The new HNA will also be using Gemini Diversified Services, Inc. as an administrative partner to perform specific verifications that are required for the credentialing and recredentialing processes. Standard items like professional licenses, education, work history and liability insurance will be verified by Gemini and shared with all plans in the HNA. You will receive communications directly from Gemini when it is time to complete your recredentialing application.

Again, by utilizing CAQH for the maintenance of your professional and practice information, you will only be asked to update your information within your CAQH profile instead of sending these documents to each individual plan.

What stays the same?

All other aspects of your participation in the Amplifon Hearing Health Care network remain the same. Your participation agreement with Amplifon does not change and you are not required to participate with the other plans in the HNA.

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The Hearing Network Alliance

The Hearing Network Alliance is an exciting opportunity for Amplifon to be able to dramatically improve one of the critical processes for our providers. We are confident that you will see positive changes because of this Alliance. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Provider Relations team at 800-920-4327.

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