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Last update on Dec, 13, 2020

Provider Portal launch

Last year, we devoted a lot of time and effort to answering this question: How can we make it easier and more rewarding for hearing health care providers to work with Amplifon Hearing Health Care? After all, you’re at the center of the value we deliver to patients!

Ultimately, by strengthening our partnership with you, we can expand the delivery of affordable, high-quality care to more people across the country. 

One priority that emerged from what we heard is the need for an easy-to-use portal for communicating and doing business with us. At the beginning of 2021, we launched a new and improved provider portal to deliver the information you need about Amplifon and the patients coming through our program.

The new portal is streamlined to provide easy access to benefit verification and product ordering, along with dashboard views to quickly see the status of any Amplifon referral and enable quick follow-up.

To ensure a smooth transition from our existing system to this new one, we’re rolling out the new portal in stages, introducing its use on a plan-by-plan basis. Over the course of the full year, plans will be added to the new portal until by the end of 2021, all groups and all patients are processed there.

How will I know which portal to use?

All referral email notifications will contain a direct link to the portal you should be using for that patient. If you are entering a clinic self-referral, please reference this page: 

How do I log-in to the new portal?

Based on the patients you see and the plans they’re from, Amplifon will reach out to you directly prior to your transition to the new portal. You’ll receive an email with registration instructions, along with training info, including video how-to's and print instruction guides. The material will cover how to log-in, check eligibility, order product, and more.

Have any questions?

Please get in touch with our Provider Relations team at 800-920-4327 or

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