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Last update on Feb, 23, 2021

In an effort to drive greater satisfaction and better patient experiences, Amplifon Hearing Health Care will be launching a new program this spring to spur conversation between providers and members around the connection between hearing and overall health and wellbeing. Amplifon patient surveys have consistently shown that most patients do not realize there is a link between hearing and managing their health.

To this end, later this spring Amplifon will begin to send a medical health history form, including a review of medications, to referrals prior to their appointment. Members will be encouraged to complete the form and take it with them to their appointment. The goal is to help the patient see their hearing appointment as a part of whole person health rather than just a retail transaction. 

What’s the value of understanding a patient’s medical history and prescription?

Ears and hearing are directly tied to overall patient health.  Comorbidities, or health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea can impact hearing.  Medications can also affect ears, hearing and balance.  Members need to understand that hearing affects whole person health, and to obtain the most accurate assessment and treatment of their hearing loss, their hearing health care provider must be aware of their medications and health history.  

How should I use this information during the appointment?

A hearing healthcare provider should review and discuss health and medications with the member to understand the member’s overall health.  Hearing assessment may vary based on the patient’s health history.  A complete health history allows the provider to choose test procedures and possible hearing loss treatment more accurately.

Will there be any additional resources available for providers?

We want to make sure that you’re comfortable reviewing and speaking to members’ medical histories. In 2021, Amplifon is rolling out a provider education program focused on health and medication history.  The format will be short videos that will provide rationale and tips as well as additional resources for providers including health and medication history forms.

What if I already review medical history?

In reviewing our patient survey data, it is evident that some of our clinics and providers already follow these clinical best practices.  If that’s you, fantastic! We’ll be reaching out to interview some these outstanding providers for their practical insights that have been effective in daily practice.  Many of these top clinics are using forms and electronic records system protocols to streamline and integrate this critical patient intake process. 

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