Meet Alan Au and Scott Kosinski

Last update on Oct, 27, 2020

At every level at Amplifon Hearing Health Care, you’ll find individuals who possess exceptional skills along with extensive experience in various aspects of health care. This includes two of our newest team members: Alan Au, Senior Director of Marketing, and Scott Kosinski, Vice President of Sales and Account Management. The following Q&A will help familiarize you with Alan and Scott.

Alan Au

Alan Au

Senior Director of Marketing

I lead the overall marketing efforts for Amplifon Hearing Health Care — in essence, telling the story of our company and why our offerings are uniquely relevant to health plans, employers, providers and consumers.

Scott Kosinski

Scott Kosinski

Vice President of Sales and Account Management

I lead sales and account management. But I view my primary mission at Amplifon as helping health plans and other partners understand the vital importance of hearing health care in achieving overall good health and quality of life.

What attracted you to Amplifon Hearing Health Care?

Alan: Most Americans receive health care via some form of health coverage, either from the government or private health insurance companies. However, hearing aids do not receive broad coverage, even though millions of Americans have hearing loss. The benefits of hearing health care are obvious: better health outcomes, better quality of life and lower total cost of health care. I believe that Amplifon is in a great position to enable access to hearing aids and related services in a significant way. Also, by delivering a high-quality hearing benefit, we can help health plans achieve their financial and member growth objectives.

Scott: For many people, there are stigmas associated with undergoing a hearing evaluation and potentially wearing hearing aids. On top of that is the significant out-of-pocket cost for consumers. At the same time, hearing aids are tremendously valuable because of their impact on overall health, including a reduced risk of serious health conditions such as depression and dementia. I joined Amplifon because we are uniquely positioned to help the growing number of Americans who need hearing aids by reducing their costs. In the process, we can help health plans address other costly critical health issues.

How has your past health care-related experience prepared you for this job?

Alan: I’ve been involved with marketing medical devices and insurance products for many years. This has given me a broad view of how we should position Amplifon in a changing health care landscape, ultimately making it easy for health plans to adopt our deliverables. In addition, my experience in the provider sector enables me to appreciate the challenges and opportunities for our provider network as more health plans introduce a hearing benefit.

Scott: I’ve been in healthcare and insurance for more than two decades, leading sales, account management, marketing and product initiatives. I’ve worked on partnerships with dozens of health plans, as well as with physician and nursing organizations. In addition, I’ve participated in launching a couple of health care startups. I believe my background gives me a high degree of credibility that will earn the trust of Amplifon partners. Above all, I’ve tried to do my small part to make health care better for those who need it most…patients.

So far, what has impressed you most about Amplifon and your colleagues?

Alan: I’m impressed by the initiatives Amplifon is undertaking to transform the industry, working with all stakeholders, including health plans, providers and manufacturers, to ultimately empower millions of people to rediscover all the emotions of sound. This is no easy task given the complexity of how value is created and delivered through our health care ecosystem. This is why I’m also very impressed with how my Amplifon colleagues strive to understand and respond to our stakeholders’ needs and challenges, and constantly working together to make a lasting difference.

Scott: Change isn’t easy. But change with the right purpose is invigorating. I’m most impressed with Amplifon’s focus on evolving to deliver an exceptional member experience through greater transparency and white-glove service. Plus, being the global leader put us in the position to strive for innovation, every day. We set the standard for our industry and we’re looking to reinvent the hearing space and deliver new solutions to health plans, self-funded employers, labor groups and workers’ compensation programs. Together we’re building something amazing!

Can you share a few personal details about yourself?

Alan: When I was a child, I developed absolute pitch: the ability to recognize a musical note without a reference note. I hope I can pass this on to my two children, both of whom are learning how to play the piano!

Scott: The COVID-19 pandemic has restored my love of fresh air, and I’ve become a huge fan of taking long hikes or walks. I also enjoy listening to music, in particular to my favorite new artist — my son (CEOwen); you can follow him on SoundCloud or Spotify.

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