Meet Director of Clinical Programs, Carrie Meyer

Last update on Sep, 24, 2019
Carrie Meyer

Carrie Meyer, Au.D.

Director of Clinical Programs

Why did you get into the field of audiology?

When I started my undergraduate studies, I thought I wanted to be a speech therapist. But during my first few weeks in the speech therapy clinic, I decided that it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. My advisor asked me, “Exactly, what did you think you’d be doing?” I shared with him my overarching view of communication, and he said, “You want to be an audiologist!” Coincidentally, my mom had a friend whose husband was an audiologist. He let me follow him around in his clinic, and I fell in love with audiology.

What is your primary focus as Director of Clinical Programs?

Currently, we’re developing updated clinical protocols for the audiologists and hearing aid dispensers in our network. We want to make sure that current best practices are followed throughout the entire care pathway, which includes gathering the patient’s health and medication history, hearing needs assessment, hearing aid evaluation and recommendations, device fitting and verification of hearing aid function.

Why is this important for health plans and their members?

Consistency of care across our provider network helps drive optimal outcomes, which leads to high patient satisfaction. This care pathway also has built-in cost efficiencies, meaning that patients and our partners are assured of the best possible care for every dollar spent. For example, we want to make sure that audiometric testing is comprehensive, but not excessive. Outcome verification is another important element of the care pathway; it confirms that the hearing solution is right for the patient and that it represents money well spent.

What impresses you about Amplifon Hearing Health Care?

Amplifon’s approach to hearing health care is so balanced. We’re dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care and that providers feel supported in reaching this objective. At the same time, we want our partners to get the best benefit for their dollar. I would also say that there’s not a lot of “turf” at Amplifon. It feels very collaborative here, like a real team…I’ve never heard someone say, “that’s not my job.”

Talk about your role on Concordia’s Board of Regents.

Concordia is developing an innovative school of health, including advanced degrees in nursing, physical therapy, and health care administration.  I’m excited and delighted to be a part of their growth, training health care professionals. My role at Concordia also reflects my belief in the importance of a whole healthy lifestyle — which of course includes healthy hearing!

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