Meet Jessie Thielbar, Provider Network Manager

Last update on Nov, 05, 2019
Jessie Thielbar

Jessie Thielbar

Provider Network Manager

Jessie Thielbar brings more than 20 years of hearing health care experience to her role as Provider Network Manager for Amplifon Hearing Health Care. Prior to joining Amplifon in November 2016, she worked for a hearing aid manufacturer. As the following Q&A reveals, Jessie and her team have a profound impact on our providers, the audiologists and hearing aid dispensers that take care of our members.

What does a Provider Network Manager do?

My biggest responsibility is to do everything I can to be an advocate for our providers. This includes finding and implementing new ways to make it easier for them to work with us. I’m also involved with education, training and ensuring the provider team is a trusted resource for our providers.

How do you impact Amplifon partners?

Making it easy to work with Amplifon enhances our ability to expand our national footprint and attract more providers to our network, extending our hearing health care benefits and programs to more individuals. A crucial part of this effort is educating our providers about our healthcare plans, particularly our insurance benefits and workers’ compensation plans, and how to navigate the claims process for each one. This is especially important for plans with a hearing benefit, which can be very complex. By helping our providers become more proficient with the claims process, we also make it easier for health insurers, employers and other organizations to partner with us.

Can you talk about future initiatives?

We’re creating a completely new, more intuitive provider portal that will automate processes and speed up the verification of member benefits. Another major initiative in the coming year will focus on measuring the satisfaction of patients who are covered by our benefits and programs. Our intent is to use patient satisfaction ratings to determine, in part, how we reimburse our providers. This type of fee structure incentivizes providers to make patient satisfaction a top priority. It also helps ensure that every dollar spent by our partners is well spent.

Anything else for our partners?

I, along with the others in my department, possess a real passion for customer service. I believe that if we are a trusted resource and build relationships with our providers, and then educate, train and support them, everyone comes out ahead. The patient is satisfied, the provider is happy, overall quality of care is enhanced, and the consumer’s perception of our partner is strengthened.

What impresses you about Amplifon?

We have a really strong culture here at Amplifon. We are very transparent and supportive of one another, and we all work really hard to keep growing and changing for the better.

Tell us about yourself!

My family is my first passion. My daughter is in her second year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go, Badgers!), and my son is a senior at Watertown-Mayer High School (MN). I love to spend time at our family cottage on the Mississippi River with my family – we love to travel.

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