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Last update on Feb, 19, 2018

John and Tracy are different in many respects. But they, along with approximately 36 million other Americans, share one significant trait: They’re hearing impaired and need hearing aids. That’s not all they have in common. Like millions of other people, John and Tracy experienced “sticker shock” when they initially looked at their hearing aid options. Fortunately, both of them found a solution to their hearing needs — within their budget constraints.

It’s not hard to understand the dilemma faced by Tracy and John. Today the average cost of a hearing aid runs between $2,500 and $3,000.* For a person who needs two hearing aids — and this includes most hearing impaired individuals — the average cost doubles to $5,000 or more.

Tracy, a mother of three from Kentucky, has been hearing impaired since birth. She wore hearing aids as a child, but quit when classmates at her middle school made fun of her. As an adult, she realized “that I needed to get hearing aids back in my ears, but the money was keeping me from doing so. I just couldn’t pop out $6,000 for a set.”

The director of special education at the school where Tracy works reminded her about the Amplifon Hearing Health Care program and hearing aid discounts available to employees. “I’m thrilled that I was reminded about this program — and that I actually followed through!” Now proud owner of state-of-the-art hearing aids, Tracy has discovered not just better hearing, but a better quality of life. “I enjoy hearing more every day.”

‘Fantastic pricing for what I expected to be unaffordable’

In Florida, John also discovered an affordable hearing solution through the Amplifon program, although his pathway was much different from Tracy’s. Initially, John dealt with two hearing clinics that tried to extract as much money as possible from him. He walked away from both situations feeling thoroughly discouraged. “At this point, I was afraid I would have to take a trip to a superstore and foot the whole bill myself.”

As a last resort, John got in touch with his health insurance carrier, which offered a hearing aid discount through Amplifon. He called Amplifon, where his hearing care advocate helped him make an appointment with an in-network provider. “(The provider) was fantastic…behaved in a wonderfully principled and ethical manner in their interactions with me.” A large selection of hearing aids available to him, John found precisely the right solution to his hearing loss. “A big frosting on the auditory cupcake was the fantastic pricing for what I expected to be unaffordable.”

For every John and Tracy success story, there are countless other individuals who could benefit from hearing aids, but are unable or unwilling to seek help because of the perceived high cost. Sadly, untreated hearing loss has been linked to a number of significant health issues, such as cognitive decline, dementia, depression and a higher risk for catastrophic falls, all of which can lead to higher health care costs. It can also result in diminished work performance and poor on-the-job communications.

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Hearing loss is one of the country’s most common health conditions. It’s also one of the most treatable. Contact Amplifon today for more information about how your members or employees can benefit from a hearing health care program.

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