New white paper: State-mandated hearing health care coverage

Last update on Mar, 11, 2020

Do you offer health plans in states that require coverage of hearing aids and hearing health care services? At least 23 states now mandate hearing benefits. While this may be good news for eligible consumers, state-mandated hearing benefits have generated significant concerns and questions for insurance carriers.

A new Amplifon Hearing Health Care white paper: State-Mandated Expansion of Hearing Health Care Coverage, addresses this topic from a number of key angles, including:

  • Recent trends that have prompted states to mandate coverage of hearing aids and related services by qualified health plans
  • The logistical challenges for health insurance carriers to fully comply with the varying requirements of each state where they have members
  • The financial implications of administering required hearing benefits — specifically, the impact on per-member-per-month (PMPM) costs, premiums and medical loss ratio (MLR)
  • How to balance the need for patient-centered, high-quality hearing health care with proven cost-containment strategies
  • What characteristics to seek in a partner that can assume much of the burden of implementing and managing a hearing health care program

Even if you operate in non-mandate states, you’ll want to arm yourself with knowledge that will be useful if and when that day arrives. In addition, our white paper contains valuable information for health insurance carriers that offer hearing benefits on a voluntary basis.

State-Mandated Hearing Loss

State-Mandated Hearing Loss

A response to growing prevalence of hearing loss in children and adults

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