The Power of 'More'

First in a special series examining the importance of product choice within a hearing benefit.
Last update on Sep, 27, 2022

A high-quality hearing benefit requires many ingredients: deep discounts on hearing aids, the inclusion of essential aftercare services, an extensive nationwide provider network and a hearing benefits partner that’s dedicated to ensuring the best possible member experience, to name a few.

What’s missing from the majority of hearing benefits: freedom of choice — more specifically, access to an extensive hearing aid formulary.

The fact is, product choice plays a significant role in both the member and provider experience. Now, by downloading our white paper, “Hearing Health Care: More Choices, Better Outcomes,” you can find out exactly what consumers and providers think about this timely, but often overlooked, topic.

From national surveys commissioned by Amplifon Hearing Health Care, you’ll learn:

  • Why health plan members value product choice when it comes to addressing their hearing loss
  • Why hearing care providers believe that an extensive hearing aid formulary helps optimize clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction

The white paper also dives into:

  • The financial and health impacts of hearing aids that go unused or underutilized
  • Key attributes of a high-quality hearing benefit; product choice, yes, but many others

Download the white paper here, and stay tuned for additional insights into this vitally important aspect of the hearing health care experience.

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