Hearing Health Care: More Choices, Better Outcomes

Last update on Mar, 22, 2022

For health plan members with a hearing benefit, access to an extensive hearing aid formulary enables their hearing care providers to tailor a hearing solution to individual needs, preferences and lifestyle. It also helps satisfy the growing consumer demand for specific brands of hearing aids.

However, as our new white paper points out, the number of brands within a hearing aid formulary can vary significantly among the various hearing healthcare third-party administrators. Seeking to understand the impacts of product choice, Amplifon Hearing Health Care commissioned an independent global market research firm to conduct a survey of consumers and hearing care providers across the country.

Now available for download, our “Hearing Health Care: More Choices, Better Outcomes” white paper shares key findings from the surveys, including these perspectives from consumers:

  • Overall view of the hearing health care experience, particularly among those who have a hearing benefit in their health plan

  • How important they think it is for their providers to have access to a wide range of hearing aid brands

  • A desire to know their brand/product options before visiting a hearing care provider or making a purchase

  • How much they rely on their hearing care provider to recommend a hearing aid brand

The white paper also reveals key perspectives from providers, including:

  • Importance of being able to offer their patients a broad selection of hearing aid options

  • Specific benefits of extensive hearing aid choice to their patients

  • How many hearing aid brands are specifically requested by their patients

  • Satisfaction level with the range of products they’re able to offer to health plan members

In addition, the white paper examines the financial and health consequences of hearing aids that go unused or underutilized. Geared especially to Medicare Advantage plans, the concluding sections offer guidance and next steps for selecting the right hearing benefit and hearing health care partner. Download our white paper here.

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