The Power of ‘More’ — Member Views

Second in a special series examining the importance of product choice within a hearing benefit.
Last update on Nov, 18, 2022

Today’s hearing aids are better than ever: more sophisticated and more customizable to the unique needs and preferences of each person. But many health plan members encounter a big gap between what they need and want and what’s available to them through their hearing benefit.

In short, consumers believe in freedom of choice when it comes to the hearing aids they put in their ears. They expressed this and other opinions in a national survey commissioned by Amplifon Hearing Health Care. Download our white paper, “Hearing Health Care: More Choices, Better Outcomes,” for a detailed summary of survey responses. Key findings include:

  • Overall positive views of the hearing health care experience
  • A strong preference for access to a wide range of hearing aid brands
  • A belief that providers should be able to choose the hearing aid that best suits each patient
  • A desire to know which brands are available before visiting a provider
  • Heavy reliance on the provider to recommend a hearing aid brand
  • A high expectation that health insurance will cover the cost of hearing aids

The white paper discusses the disparity between what consumers want (extensive product choice) and what they may get with their hearing benefit (a limited selection), as well as the role that ownership of a hearing benefit administrator may play in the size of a hearing aid formulary.

Download the white paper here to get specific survey results and other insights into the hearing health care experience of health plan members.

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