The Power of 'More' — Provider Perspectives

Third in a special series examining the importance of product choice within a hearing benefit.
Last update on Dec, 21, 2022

Satisfaction with a hearing benefit hinges to a large degree on the member experience with hearing care providers. Fortunately, this experience tends to be highly positive, according to a national consumer survey commissioned by Amplifon Hearing Health Care.

A crucial contributor to a positive member-provider relationship is the hearing aid itself and, more specifically, the ability of the provider to customize hearing aids to individual needs and preferences. This, in turn, depends on freedom of choice. As reported previously in this blog, surveyed consumers believe that providers should be able to choose the hearing aid that best suits each patient.

But how do providers view product choice? Amplifon also commissioned a national survey of providers, and the results are summarized in an Amplifon white paper, “Hearing Health Care: More Choices, Better Outcomes,” now available for download. Key topics in the provider survey included:

  • The importance of offering patients a wide range of hearing aid brands
  • Ratings of the hearing aid formularies offered by third-party administrators (TPAs)
  • Five reasons product choice is important for patients
  • Percentage of patients who expressed a negative reaction to the hearing aid selection available with their benefit
  • Number of specific hearing aid brands requested by patients

Download the white paper here to get specific survey results and other insights into the perceptions of hearing care providers.

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