Amplifon Hearing Aid App

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With the the Amplifon App, you can adjust the functions and features of your hearing aids in just a few simple steps using your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you have access to educational content, and live support and virtual visits with our remote care team. 

Amplifon App features

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aid
  • Choose between different listening programs to suit different noise environments
  • Personalise your hearing settings by managing streaming volume, editing bass and treble settings
  • Create and save personal programs that suit you
  • Where did you leave your hearing aids? Use the Find My Hearing Aid location feature
  • Educate yourself with articles, news, videos and FAQs about hearing aids and hearing health
  • Customized support and virtual visits for non-clinical help with your hearing aids

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Adjusting hearing aid using app
For iPhone®

Click the link below to download the Amplifon App from the App Store for use on iphones and ipads®.

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Adjusting hearing aid using app
For Android™

Click the link below to download the Amplifon App from the Google Play store for use on Android smartphones and tablets.

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