Hearing Aid Issues

Troubleshooting for the most common hearing aid problems.

Problems with your hearing aids

As with any device, issues can arise with hearing aids and it can be frustrating when your hearing aids aren't functioning as they should be. The good news is that many of the common hearing aid issues can be fixed quickly by following the tips below. 

Basic troubleshooting

  • Make sure your hearing aid is turned on. This may seem obvious, but hey, it happens to all of us!
  • Remove your hearing aid and re-insert it. It may not have been placed in your ear properly.
  • If your hearing aid has a manual volume control, make sure it isn’t turned all the way off.
  • Make sure the battery is placed in your hearing aid properly.
  • Try replacing your hearing aid battery, or, if you have a rechargeable battery, charging it.
  • Make sure there’s no ear wax or other debris in the earpiece and clean if necessary.
  • Toggle between the programs or change settings to see if this makes a difference. You may have accidentally switched to a different one.
  • It’s possible that you accidentally turned on the loop or t-coil setting. If you have, turn this back to the normal microphone setting.

Connectivity Issues

If you're having issues connecting your hearing aids to your smartphone or tablet, here are some quick tips to help restore the connection:

  1. How old is your phone?  (must be newer than iPhone 8 or  Android phone less than 3 years old)
  2. Is your phone operating system updated?  (Apple iOS 16.02.2 or Android OS 13) 
  3. Ask your hearing healthcare provider to use fitting software to ensure hearing aid firmware is updated
  4. Turn phone off and on (reboot phone)
  5. Confirm Bluetooth function is on
  6. Delete hearing aid pairing, then re-pair hearing aids to phone
  7. Ensure clear path between hearing aids and phone (e.g., phone cannot be in pocket or purse) 

Still having issues?

If you are still experiencing difficulty with your hearing aids or your Bluetooth connection, please contact your hearing healthcare provider for assistance. 

For immediate assistance, you can also reach out to your hearing aid manufacturer customer support line:

Oticon / 855-400-9766 / https://www.oticon.com/support

Phonak / 800-679-4871 / https://www.phonak.com/us/en/support/product-support.html 

Resound / 888-735-4327 / https://www.resound.com/en-us/contact  

Signia / 800-350-6093 / https://www.signia.net/en/support/ 

Starkey / 866-637-9243 / https://www.starkey.com/support/get-help  

Unitron / 866-230-0115 / https://www.unitron.com/us/en_us/help-and-support.html?tabItem=consumers 

Widex / 844-497-8844 / https://www.widex.com/en-us/support/

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