New CG-CAHPS survey to measure patient experience

Last update on May, 15, 2019

Amplifon Hearing Health Care is implementing a new survey to understand the patient experience. Beginning in July 2019, this survey will be sent to members that purchase hearing aids through the Amplifon Hearing Health Care program.

What is a CG-CAHPS survey?

CG-CAHPS stands for the Clinician & Group Survey - Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems and is a standardized survey developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The survey is frequently used by health plans, especially Medicare Advantage plans, to measure customer experience.

The survey asks the customer a series of questions about the health care services they received and their overall experience. This includes questions focused on the care they received at their clinic and will therefore reflect their perception of your staff, your processes, and your clinic as a whole.

By employing the same survey across multiple health care organizations, users can compare and assess their performance against other like entities and identify potential areas for improvement. In addition, by benchmarking the patient experience with the same metrics our health plan partners are accustomed to seeing, Amplifon brings additional value to our contracts. Amplifon will be one of the first hearing health care administrators to use the CG-CAHPS survey. 

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