Amplifon Launches Innovative Hybrid Hearing Care Program

Last update on Feb, 21, 2022

Amplifon Hearing Health Care is rolling out its new and innovative care program to its health plan partners across the U.S.

The program perfectly blends in-person clinical care expertise with remote hearing loss screening, personalized coaching and virtual aftercare services. These services are designed to increase access to care, hearing aid use, member convenience and health plan savings. When combined with in-person care by hearing care professionals, the program can help increase awareness, prevention and early intervention while increasing patient satisfaction.

“Telehealth for Hearing by Amplifon” includes many unique features, that coupled with in-person professional hearing care can deliver optimal service:

  • Virtual hearing assessment via the proprietary AmpliTest™ app allows members to take an on-demand screening test, facilitated by Amplifon’s dedicated care team.
  • If hearing loss is confirmed, a care advocate contacts the member to schedule an appointment for a hearing exam with a hearing care professional and provides personalized hearing health education prior to the appointment.
  • Personalized coaching by Amplifon’s care team via a coaching app. The Amplifon app monitors hearing aid usage and performance to enhance a member’s experience in addition to providing on-demand virtual visits with our care team for dedicated aftercare service and support. 

“We are excited to introduce our latest innovation in hearing health care that will benefit members, providers and health plans,” says Guillaume Bonniol, Senior Vice President of Amplifon Hearing Health Care. “Fueled by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has exploded in popularity. Now, from the comfort of their homes, members can take a hearing screening."

“With the support of our care team,” he continues, “members can determine whether they have hearing loss and should visit a hearing care professional for a full audiometric exam and diagnosis. If hearing aids are needed, members can receive ongoing, non-clinical support via virtual visits. By pairing our program with personalized coaching, we can also enhance the user experience with the goal of driving greater adaptation and satisfaction among hearing aid wearers."

“We view our telehealth program as a key component of a hybrid patient care model that enhances the value of professional care,” notes Mr. Bonniol. “Remote screenings, coaching and virtual visits can help deliver care to geographically isolated areas and enable the delivery of more efficient care to members with confirmed hearing loss. For hearing care professionals, this can bring more qualified patients to their clinics, improving the quality of clinical appointments in addition to reducing non-clinical service and support appointments through on-demand virtual visits with our care team. With the hybrid model, our in-person clinical care is managed by hearing care professionals while virtual pre-care and non-clinical aftercare support is provided by our dedicated care team to provide a full 360 experience for members. We believe that in-person care is key for optimal care outcome, but when needed, frequent support via telehealth can help achieve the best hearing aid adherence.” 

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