The Power of ‘More’ — and Beyond

Fifth in a special series examining the importance of product choice within a hearing benefit.
Last update on Jan, 27, 2023

What goes into a superior hearing benefit, one that delivers so much value and return on investment that it creates a distinct competitive advantage for the health plan?

Recent national surveys of consumers and hearing care providers uncovered a strong affinity for a hearing benefit with access to an extensive selection of hearing aids. However, a large formulary, comprising multiple hearing brands, is not available with most hearing benefits today. Besides not meeting expectations, this shortcoming may ultimately lead to unforeseen consequences, including an increased risk of costly health conditions.

Certainly, a high-quality hearing benefit requires more than access to a large hearing aid formulary. As discussed in an Amplifon white paper, other key attributes include:

  • Transparent, all-inclusive product pricing
  • A large nationwide provider network
  • Independent provider credentialing
  • Utilization management accreditation
  • Universal provider reimbursement
  • Member experience measurements

Download the white paper here for more detail about extensive product choice and other key attributes of a hearing benefit, along with information about the consumer and provider surveys.

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