5 Reasons to Join Amplifon's Referral Network

Last update on Dec, 01, 2023

At Amplifon Hearing Health Care, we help providers focus on what really matters: delivering the best hearing health care to their patients.

However, we know that dealing with insurance can be complex and time-consuming—often requiring significant paperwork and other administrative responsibilities on your part.

In addition to these challenges, insurance plans may set limitations on which hearing care services and devices qualify for coverage or offer lower reimbursement rates. Such obstacles can make running a successful clinic seem impossible.

The good news is there is a better option.

A Provider Network Designed for You

By joining Amplifon Hearing Health Care's provider network, you'll have access to certified training, support with filing claims and navigating billing, and a referral program that connects you with patients in your area. 

Still Not Convinced?

Our growing provider network offers a multitude of benefits that can simplify how you manage your business and connect to qualified patients.

Let's explore a few. 

1. Provider Portal

Our provider portal is a platform designed to assist you in conveniently accessing and managing your Amplifon patient referrals. But it does much more than that.

You can also:

  • Make appointments
  • Submit payment for processing
  • Enter hearing aid sales for patients
  • Review summaries of processed sales

> Learn how our provider portal works.

2. Simplified Insurance Process

As a hearing care provider, dealing with insurance can consume a considerable amount of your time. However, once you join our provider network, you can easily file insurance claims and submit payments through your portal's dashboard.

Amplifon's team of experts will then work with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you receive timely and accurate reimbursement for your services.

3. Qualified Referral Program

It's common for patients with hearing difficulties to delay evaluations for as long as possible (up to 5 years). Moreover, most patients with hearing benefits are unaware of their coverage options, delaying treatment further.

That's where Amplifon Hearing Health Care comes in. We simplify the hearing health care journey for patients by checking and verifying benefits and offering a free virtual hearing screening.

We then connect them with the right provider and help them prepare for a first visit with a “what to expect” educational packet. This way, they feel prepared and confident when they arrive at your clinic. 

Bottom Line: When patients are informed, they become proactive. This results in more referral requests being submitted through your portal.

4. Access to Resources

Enjoy unlimited access to an array of comprehensive audiologist resources, hearing care provider guides, and more. Our educational tools are designed to help you with the following:

  • Navigate our portal with ease
  • Submit payments efficiently
  • Order devices without any hassle
  • Receive reimbursements promptly

Moreover, we provide you with the latest updates and trends in the hearing health care industry. 

5: Support When You Need It

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you. Whether you have questions about the portal, need support with payments or reimbursements, or require any other assistance, we help you every step of the way.

With our support, you can focus on running your clinic efficiently and providing your patients with the highest level of service and product selection possible.

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How To Join Our Network

Providers interested in joining Amplifon Hearing Health Care network can start by filling out an inquiry form. After submitting the form, an Amplifon representative will contact you to discuss the next steps, typically involving a credentialing process and provider agreement. To get started, visit the link below. If you still have questions, check out our FAQs for more information.

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