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Building a Connected, Informed Community of Qualified Patients
Last update on Dec, 28, 2023

At Amplifon Hearing Health Care, we aim to support hearing care providers by offering certified training, assistance with filing claims, and help with navigating billing. We also provide a secure provider portal that allows you to manage patient appointments and hearing aid sales.

In addition to these resources, one of the key advantages of joining our provider network is having access to qualified patient referrals.

Keeping Patients and Providers Connected

Before we refer patients to your clinic, we ensure two things:

  • They're qualified (have a hearing aid benefit)
  • They understand what their benefits include

Additionally, we walk them through what to expect during their first appointment with a hearing care provider so they can prepare.

We believe this benefits you in the following ways:

  1. It helps patients feel more empowered and confident to take the next step in their hearing health journeys.
  2. It ensures your clinic has access to eligible patients who understand their coverage options.

Top Challenges of Hearing Loss Patients

To illustrate our point, let's discuss the top three challenges hearing loss patients face and how AHHC helps them overcome these barriers and uncertainties that may prevent them from seeking care.

Challenge #1: Unwilling to Admit Hearing Loss Impacts Quality of Life

There are several reasons why patients may be hesitant to admit that hearing loss is impacting their quality of life.

  • Because hearing loss occurs so gradually, many patients are unaware of their hearing loss and don't feel their hearing is "bad enough" to seek help.
  • Some may feel embarrassed or ashamed to acknowledge their hearing loss, while others may be in denial or afraid of the stigmas associated with hearing aids.
  • Patients may not realize how much their hearing loss affects their daily activities and interactions with others.
  • Finally, research shows that patients wait an average of 4-5 years to schedule a hearing evaluation after first experiencing hearing issues.

Solution: Amplifon's Hearing Loss Resources

To combat this challenge and its many facets, our website provides a secure, non-judgmental environment where patients can browse articles and guides and connect with an Amplifon representative to get answers to their top hearing loss questions.

Additionally, we provide them with access to a unique, validated, free virtual hearing screening to assess their hearing health from the privacy and comfort of their homes.

Educating patients on the signs and symptoms of hearing loss can help them recognize that they're not alone and that hearing loss isn't something they need to live with.

Challenge #2: Uncertain of Hearing Benefits

Navigating the complexities of hearing health care can be daunting, and patients often need clarification on their benefits and insurance coverage.

A lack of awareness about their coverage only adds to the confusion, making it more challenging for patients to access the care they need.

Solution: Check Your Benefits Tool

Amplifon Hearing Health Care's "check your benefits" tool is designed to help patients understand their hearing healthcare coverage and make informed decisions.

Dedicated Patient Care Advocates walk patients through a personalized summary of their benefits and coverage.

If patients have questions or need assistance, the representative will guide them through the process and help them understand their options. Our Patient Care Advocates are trained to provide expert guidance on hearing healthcare benefits and can help patients make informed decisions about their care.

This allows patients to avoid expensive surprises and focus on their hearing health without worrying about unexpected costs or coverage limitations. 

Challenge#3: Unsure Which Providers Are "In-Network"

Many health insurance plans have a limited number of providers in their network, making it difficult for patients to find a provider who is both in-network and meets their specific needs.

If, for example, a 70-year-old patient discovers her only option for a provider is over 30 miles away, she may decide not to follow through on scheduling an appointment or may need to delay an evaluation and treatment until she can get a family member to transport her.

Additionally, patients may need help searching for a provider or understanding what to expect during an evaluation.

These factors can make it challenging for patients to find the right hearing care provider and receive the needed care.

Solution: Amplifon "Find a Clinic" Feature

Joining our provider network means your clinic will be among over 6,000 in-network locations.

Using our digital location finder, patients in your area can find you and get a referral to your location easily while you can monitor and manage new referrals right from your provider portal.

Before their first visit, we also guide patients on what to expect, what to bring, and what questions to ask. This helps improve their overall experience and sets a solid foundation for building a strong provider-patient relationship.

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Connect to More Qualified Patients

With Amplifon Hearing Health Care, your patients will have instant access to hearing resources and solutions to keep them informed and proactive in their hearing health. If you're a provider interested in joining the Amplifon Hearing Health Care network, you can begin by filling out an inquiry form.

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