The Cost of Putting Your Hearing Last

Last update on May, 20, 2022

A recent poll done by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that over 50% of the public believe that inflation is the biggest issue currently in the Unites States. With that, many Americans are concerned about being able to afford basic living necessities like food, utilities, rent, gas, and unexpected medical bills, to name a few. Around 36% of Americans in this study are also worried about how they will be able to afford their monthly health insurance premiums while over 40% are worried about the cost of prescription drug costs. 

Furthermore, more than half of the adults in this poll admitted to having delayed or gone without medical services because of rising costs. As far as hearing healthcare, one in ten in this poll said that they put off getting routine hearing checks and even hearing aids. Statistics like these are shocking and are on the verge of rising in connection with the rising costs of everything else around consumers. 

Graph with text on medical care

A poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows how many Americans have admitted to putting off medical care in the past year. 

A recent Forbes article reports that the average cost of hearing aids starts at around $2,000 per hearing aid. However, there are ways to save money on hearing aids. Additionally, if you have a hearing benefit with Amplifon, you’ll save an average of 66% off the retail price of hearing aids and you’ll enjoy a 60-day risk-free trial and complimentary aftercare*.

Your ears are your first line of defense against a bevy of health-related issues, so you shouldn’t wait until you experience some level of loss to get your hearing checked. Many people avoid getting their hearing checked for fear of needing hearing aids and the stigma that is attached to wearing them. In those moments, you have to think, “How big a role do my ears play in my everyday life?” It’s always better to catch the loss early with routine checks and conversations with your audiologist. Be sure to also check your insurance benefits to see if you have coverage for hearing care and hearing aids.

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