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Last update on Feb, 29, 2024

Are you living with hearing loss? You’re not alone —nearly 40 million American adults have hearing loss. Even so, you may still be unsure about wearing a hearing aid.

Maybe it's not you, but someone you care about who's refusing to use hearing aids even though he or she struggles to participate in discussions or is becoming withdrawn due to the embarrassment of not being able to follow conversations.

There are many reasons why people prefer to avoid wearing hearing aids. 

Social Stigmas


Past Experiences

Social Stigmas

Social Stigmas

  • Some people may feel embarrassed or ashamed to wear a hearing aid, perceiving it as a sign of aging or weakness.
  • Others may be concerned about the appearance and comfort of hearing aids, fearing they'll be bulky and uncomfortable to wear every day.
  • People may also worry that hearing aids will interfere with their hobbies, like playing music, or active lifestyles, like cycling or hiking.
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  • It's common for people to avoid purchasing hearing aids due to financial concerns, especially if they're unsure whether or not their insurance provider will cover the costs.
  • If an insurer doesn't offer hearing aid benefits, they may be concerned about how they'll pay for this treatment.
  • In other cases, an insurer may cover "some" costs for only "one" type of hearing aid that doesn't fit an individual's routine, style, or needs.

Need help understanding your hearing health care options? Check your benefits today! 

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Past Experiences

Past Experiences

  • People may have had negative experiences with hearing aids in the past.
  • Perhaps they found them uncomfortable and ineffective or had difficulty adjusting to them.

While hearing aids have come a long way in design and technology, it's normal to feel self-conscious about wearing one. The good news is there is an alternative option: invisible hearing aids.

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What Are Invisible Hearing Aids?

Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids are a type of hearing aid that sits far inside the ear canal, making them nearly undetectable to others, except for a small wire that helps you easily insert and remove them.

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Pros and Cons of Invisible Hearing Aids

Pros of Invisible Hearing Aids


Since IICs are placed deep inside the ear canal, they are nearly invisible to others, which can be a great advantage for people who are self-conscious about wearing hearing aids.

Natural Sound Quality

IICs are designed to pick up sound in a natural way because they are placed so close to the eardrum. This can provide a more natural and less distorted sound quality than other hearing aids.


IICs are custom-made to fit the wearer's ear canal, so they are usually very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. 

Cons of Invisible Hearing Aids

Limited Features

Due to their small size, IICs may not have all the features and options available on larger hearing aids, such as wireless connectivity, directional microphones, or rechargeable battery options.

Maintenance and Repair

IICs are delicate and can become damaged by earwax and moisture buildup, which can lead to costly repairs or replacements.

Not Suitable for All Types of Hearing Loss

Due to their size, IICs may not be suitable for people with severe or profound hearing loss, as they may not be powerful enough to provide the necessary amplification.

Are Invisible Hearing Aids a Good Fit?

Ask a hearing care professional

If you're considering invisible hearing aids, you'll want to work with a hearing care provider in your area. They'll evaluate your hearing loss and help you find the right hearing aid device to fit your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Remember that invisible hearing aids are not appropriate for everyone. Individuals with severe hearing loss may not benefit from this hearing aid, as they may require more advanced technology. The good news is you don't have to make this decision alone. Your hearing care provider will assess your hearing health and recommend the best solution.

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